About repEAT

repEAT connects local producers to customers interested in buying certified high quality local food products.


Make sustainability a repeated choice.

Reframed Challenge

Improve the food value chain sustainability by taking advantages of traceability system.

Today food sustainability is a black or white parameter related to certification, which costs to both local producers that cannot afford them and to final consumers, which are asked to pay approximately 47% more for certified food. A tool that assesses the food sustainability beyond labels and certification, recognizing the sustainability of small producers starting from traceability data, is necessary. This would increase the consumers awareness about the environmental, social and health impact that food has.

Our Solution 

Our solution is repEAT, a marketplace where consumers can select the food they eat more frequently, check the sustainability score of offered products, based on our traceability algorithm, and plan periodic orders, receiving fresh local food directly at home.

Farmers will provide us all the history of their products and we will evaluate it based on quality, environmental and social parameters. Our algorithm collects and process the data coming from both sensors on the field and documentation provided by the producer. The robust algorithm is a first of a kind in the food sector and is able to assess the sustainability and quality of products relying on big data.

We are testing our algorithm thanks to a collaboration with an Italian start up, Vadoalmercato.it, which digitally connects vendors and consumers.

Thanks to repEAT, farmers can get recognition and visibility for their high quality products, while customers have the chance to get the most important information about the sustainability of the food they eat in a user friendly and transparent way.

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Meet the Team

Alberto Ciampaglia

PhD Energy Engineering

Gianluca Colaianni

MBA Fellow

Stefano Dozio

MBA Fellow

Dario Fontanel

PhD Computer Engineering

Alessandro Mancinelli

MBA Fellow

Chiara Perri

MBA Fellow

Alessia Toscano

MBA Fellow

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