About Innovation 4 Change

Developed by Collège des Ingénieurs Italia, Politecnico di Torino and CERN Ideasquare in 2016, Innovation 4 Change has become the leading Italian innovation project, based on the collaboration with companies, institutions and non-profit organizations.

During this intensive, 5-month programme, the participants develop innovative and scalable business ideas and practical solutions to respond to the important challenges presented by the partners, that are always related to social, economic and environmental problems of today.

In 2021 the programme benefits from the valuable support of Enel Foundation, the first knowledge partner of I4C, the storytelling school Scuola Holden, story design partner of the event and Arduino, prototyping partner for this year’s edition.


About the 2022 Edition

The seventh edition of Innovation 4 Change kicks off: young talents try their hand at solving challenges inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through a process that involves the fusion of entrepreneurship, technology and storytelling.

60 talents under 30, participants in the Master in Business Administration of the Collège des Ingénieurs Italia, doctoral students selected from the best European universities and young creatives from Holden, the school of storytelling founded by Alessandro Baricco, will work over the next five months on 10 challenges launched by 10 partners, both corporate and institutional.


Main Partners