About EnerBuzz

EnerBuzz guides people in the journey from passive energy users to active energy producer, giving them all the necessary tools to join an energy community, the new energy way.


Giving renewables in the hands of people and Empowering clean(r) energy for all. 

Reframed Challenge

The existing entry obstacles discourage who wants to become a producer of renewable energy despite the available technologies. Local producers and consumers lack awareness and control on the energy they use due to a centralized energy production system.

Solution Description

EnerBuzz is a platform that guides people in their energy transition. With EnerBuzz you can find out how to become a renewable energy producer, consuming what you need and sharing your energy goals with your neighbors. Within the EnerBuzz community you can understand which strategy is most suitable for you and in a few steps you can manage your renewable production system. Our community offers a comprehensive support to help you change your energy habits. We believe in a more sustainable world where energy is clean and clear for everyone. Join us!

Meet the Team

Matteo Bilardo

PhD Energy Engineering

Enrico Liberi

MBA Fellow

Luca Milocco

MBA Fellow

Federico Cattaneo

MBA Fellow

Edoardo Dioni

MBA Fellow

Gianluca Serale

MBA Fellow

SDG Partner

Iren is one of the largest and most dynamic multiutility companies on the Italian scene and operates in the sectors of electricity, thermal energy for district heating and gas, and in the management of integrated water services, environmental services and technological services.