The Challenge

Leading towards green infrastructure construction sites: reduce impacts on biodiversity, landscape and archeology

Meet the Team

Alissa Bauer

MBA, Biology & Climate Change

Gianluca Gariani

MBA, PhD in Materials Chemistry

Giovanni Guerrieri

PhD Particle Physics

Giulia Montrucchio

MBA, Molecular Biotechnology

Stefano Palladino

MBA, Physics Engineering

Licia Pugliese

MBA, PhD Nanoscience

SDG Partner

Snam is Europe’s leading operator in natural gas transport and storage, with an infrastructure capable of delivering the transition to hydrogen. Snam operates a transport network of approximately 41,000 km between Italy, Austria, France, Greece and the United Kingdom and 3.5% of the world’s storage capacity. It is among the top ten Italian listed companies by market capitalization. With 80 years of experience in the development and management of networks and plants, Snam guarantees security of supply and promotes the energy transition across territories.