LU(C)CIDO is a cost effective and easy-to-use device, integrated in hotel housekeeping to automatically disinfect environments.

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To protect people’s health in the hospitality sector.

Reframed Challenge

The COVID-19 emergency has created demand for sanitized as well as cleaned spaces. But providing sanitization is costly, time consuming and harmful to the environment.

Solution Description

LU(C)CIDO is a portable UV-C lamp able to automatically perform a sanitization process and certify it to hotel owners and clients.

Thanks to a telescopic mechanism, UV light can reach every touchable surface of the hotel room and kill the virus in about 15 minutes. All housekeepers have to do is positioning the device on the floor once they have completed the traditional cleaning service, and then leaving the place. This way, hospitality structures manage to dramatically cut sanitization time and cost, while providing an additional safety feature to both guests and personnel. Our technology also reduces the environmental impact of sanitization, by replacing highly impactful chemicals with light beams.

The numerous perks of LU(C)IDO not only make it an effective way for hotel owners to comply with new hygienic requirements, but also serve as strong marketing features for the most concerned guests.

Check our render: https://poly.google.com/view/2dDb-cgkwPr

Meet the Team

Elena Balani

MBA Fellow

Marcos Carnevale

MBA Fellow

Karim Chaitani

MBA Fellow

Martina Crapolicchio

PhD Architecture

Henrique de Carvalho Pinheiro

PhD Automotive Engineering

Simone Longobardi

MBA Fellow

SDG Partner

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