About Alfie

Alfie is your personal pocket-sized assistant, who will help you navigate information online in a completely innovative way.


Make the world easier to understand.

Reframed Challenge

People see a lot of information every day. Much of this often exploits human psychology to push a variety of agendas, through tactics such as mystification and sensationalism. Current solutions mostly focus on news creation and distribution. However, these are often futile, because of the easiness with which offending agents can evolve. We believe that humans are a much better target, as their evolution rate is very slow and any solutions can therefore have long-lasting impacts. Our research suggests that people are happy to change their minds about a topic, when faced with different perspectives, or the opinion of someone they trust.

Solution Description

Have you ever felt like too much information is around? Internet, social networks, smartphones: noise and poor quality contents are flowing out of every inch of this messy planet.
What about instead those inspiring reads, or those great conversations with brilliant people after which you feel like you understood the world a bit better?
Alfie brings that opportunity right inside your pocket. 

Meet the Team

Emanuele Alberti

PhD Computer Engineering

Alessandro Bettuzzi

MBA Fellow

Davide Buccheri

MBA Fellow

Nasim Fallahi

PhD Mechanical Engineering

Giacomo Luddeni

MBA Fellow

Paolo Pino

PhD in Chemical Engineering

Samuel Salini

MBA Fellow

SDG Partner

Working within the broad scope of its mandate to design and implement improved policies and actions in the field of crime prevention and control, the mission of UNICRI is to advance justice, crime prevention, security and the rule of law in support of peace, human rights and sustainable development.