The Challenge

How to create value from the byproduct of mowing?

Meet the Team

Ilaria Bushati

MBA, Mechanical Engineering

Emanuele Musso

MBA, Mechanical Engineering

Anna Nastruzzi

MBA, PhD Materials Science & Engineering

Andrea Ragona

MBA, International Finance & Business

Aureliano Stingi

MBA, PhD Molecular Oncology

Federico Vecchio

PhD Civil Engineering

SDG Partner

The Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group is one of the largest industrial companies in the country. 100% owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance since 1992, the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiano SpA parent company controls its operating companies in the four sectors of supply chain, transport, infrastructure, real estate services and other services, and, notwithstanding the independent legal responsibilities of the individual companies, carries out activities of an organisational nature that are typical of a holding company (the management of shares, shareholding control, etc.), as well as those of an industrial nature.