About Eyeway

Eyeway is an integrated smart sensors system for instantaneous crash detection inspired by human senses.

The three sensors that emulates human senses (vision, hearing and touch) are coupled in a box, which can be easily installed on the guardrails. The small dimensions and the simplicity of the system make Eyeway a perfect solution to enhance road safety. Each box can be connected with the others, providing a fast-deployable network on the whole road section. 


Make roads a safer place.

Reframed Challenge

Road crashes are a leading cause of deaths all over the world, with more than 1.300.000 victims every year. An efficient post-crash intervention can make the difference between life and death. Accident detection is still far from being instantaneous, wasting precious time for the injured.

Solution Description

Eyeway improves crash detection and makes the rescue process faster than ever. Every minute saved in this process can increase by 6% the chances to survive of the injured. An accelerometer detects impacts against the guardrails, a microphone coupled with a machine learning algorithm identifies crash noise even in heavy traffic conditions, and an infrared sensor spots stopped vehicles in the road. The alert activates when at least two sensors detect the accident. Eyeway can save time, time can save lives.

Meet the Team

Pierluigi Fusco


MBA Fellow

Alessia Martiri


MBA Fellow

Matteo Meinardi


MBA Fellow

Samuele Meschini


PhD Energy & Nuclear Engineering

Elsebeth Nagels


MBA Fellow

Lorenzo Rinaudo


MBA Fellow

Matteo Segantini


PhD Nanotechnology

SDG Partner

Autostrade per l’Italia is the world’s leading highway operator and global leader in the design and expansion of motorway infrastructure.